8 delicious ways to savor now Rodakina Naoussas PDO!

8 delicious ways to savor now Rodakina Naoussas PDO!

One of the greatest nutritional treasures, that nature gives us is undoubtedly the Rodakina Naoussas PDO or else the peaches. A product full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and many more nutrients that make peach one of the best fruits there is. Red, juicy, with rich flesh, the peach is a very tasty fruit with which you can not imagine how much you can make for yourself and your family.

Enjoy it in many different ways such as:

Peach jams

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Who can say no to a delicious breakfast with fresh bread and fresh handmade peach jam? Use juicy peaches and sugar or without sugar to make unique traditional peach jams. Start your day full of energy in the most delicious and healthy way.

Canned peaches

It is evening and you want to make a very light and filling dinner with fruit salad; Use peach compote. Peach compote is the best way to keep your peaches for a longer period while it is also the best material for unique fruit salads. All you need is peaches, sugar, and jars to put in your peach compote.

Peach juice

Peach juice is one of the best products you can get from peaches. Fresh, healthy, and delicious, it is exactly what you need at this time of day to fill your body with energy, vitality, and strength to continue your daily life.

Peach tart

It's Sunday and you want to make a delicious and healthy dessert to offer to your family and friends; What's better than a peach tart? A quick, easy dessert that your loved ones will immediately love!!

Peach cake

Are you in the office wondering what you could do for a healthy and delicious snack that will fill you with energy and lift your spirits? Have you thought about peach cake? The peach cake is a snack that is very easy to make at home, with very simple ingredients, and is also healthy. Alternatively, if you want you can replace the butter with olive oil or reduce the amount of sugar if you want to make it lighter.

Peach sauce

The peach sauce is an amazing, cool, fruity, and fresh sauce that accompanies unique dishes with meat, crepes, fish, and much more !! Try it now !!

Liquor peach

Remember the peach liqueur that our grandmother had on the furniture in the living room for the guests at the Sunday tables? Do you remember watching her with interest every time you saw her make it? Try making peach liqueur and try a fresh and wonderful aperitif with your friends.

Peach tea

It is summer and you are on the beach asking for something cool to drink. It's winter and you want to drink something hot as you watch the rain outside the window; Then peach tea is exactly what you are looking for, a drink full of vitamins, flavor, and aroma.

The peach is a unique and delicious treasure that you will absolutely love. Try it now!

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