A complete guide for the Rodakina Naoussas PDO cultivation

A complete guide for the Rodakina Naoussas PDO cultivation

 Peach is a delicious, juicy, fresh fruit that in many cases is directly related to our childhood. Who does not remember the cool peach juice we used to drink in the summers? Or the peach jam we used to spread οn our bread for the breakfast? Also, have you really noticed how beautiful the peach tree is? How beautiful colors, aromas, and how beautiful feelings do you have when you are in an orchard full of peaches?

The peach tree is a very beautiful tree with delicious and healthy fruits full of nutrients. Do you want to know how to cultivate this wonderful nutritional treasure? Let's find out together below!

As we mentioned above peach is a fruit full of vitamins and nutrients, and the best of all? With very few calories!! Let's see now how the peach is grown:


Climatic conditions

The soil in which the peach is grown should be fertile, with good ventilation and drainage. The soil should also be avoided to have high salinity and calcium!

The peach tree, in order to give high-quality peaches, needs a period of cold to bloom, and high temperatures in summer to have its delicious fruits. Also note, that it needs increased sunshine but also limited humidity to protect the plant from diseases.


Peach is a plant that needs watering twice a week. We must be especially careful to be sure that the tree has enough watering between late spring and autumn, in order to give large and delicious fruits!!

In order to give the best quality, size, and quantity of peaches, the peach tree needs a sufficient amount of nitrogen and potassium. The apply of fertilizers is mainly done at the end of winter. Adding manure to the soil also has a good effect.


The peach tree is pruned at the end of winter so that we will avoid extra cold weather that will have as a result the plant damage. As with any fruit tree, pruning is divided into two categories:

Shaping pruning: is applied to young trees and has to do with shaping the shape of the tree.

Production pruning: is about maintaining the peach production fruit for a long time.


Peaches are harvested from late spring to late September. Specifically, the harvest criterion is the color, aroma, and size of the fruit. Peach is one of the most delicious fruits but also one of the most beautiful fruit trees you will ever find. There are plenty of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dessert, thousands of tasteful ways to use peach in your daily diet.

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