Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa - ACN

Their main purpose was to promote effectively their natural and quality products and find joint marketing opportunities.

Until 1989 they remained in operation under the name G.P.S. of Naoussa, when the cooperatives name changed to Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa.

Today, the Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa numbers 1457 members producers and is considered the most dynamic cooperative in Greece.

ACN is channeling over 25,000 tonnes of fresh fruit to the domestic and international markets each year.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa owns a property of 41,259 sqm at Kopanos Anthemion and 3,437 sqm at Naoussa.

The facilities, which cover a total of 13,682sqm, are among the best in the country as they are located at the heart of fruit production areas.

The facilities consist of cold storage areas for 7,000 tonnes of freshfruit, the largest in Macedonia.

Since 1998, the cold rooms have been upgraded and turned into chambers of electronically controlled temperature, standardization and packaging points with a 10 tonne per hour capacity, 3,000 sqm of storage areas, offices staffed by 20 highly experienced permanent staff and around 70 seasonal staff for peak periods and offices in the Central Vegetable Market in Athens.
The biggest priority for the cooperative is the highest product quality and food safety. In order to ensure the highest quality production standards the cooperative developed a dynamic system of integrated production management certified by AGROCERT for peaches, apples, cherries and plums.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa (ACN) is probably the only organization in the country that can claim it fully controls the production procedure and the agricultural care each of its members implements in every farm, from planting on to harvesting and packaging.

The reason is that the Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa feels obliged to support its reputation and identity as a body producing and marketing fruit of the highest quality through a Certified Integrated Production Management System to ensure the safety, hygiene and quality of its products but also the protection of the unique natural environment of the area.

The main objects of the activities undertaken by the ACN cooperative, among others are:

  • to organize and control the production of high quality fruit, to ensure collection and quality control by experts and accredited labs,
  • to store products, such as peaches, apples, cherries, pears, plums, quince, lotus and kiwi under appropriate conditions until the time they are marketed,
  • to organize multifaceted commercial and export activities, fully covering the quality needs of the Greek and international markets.
  • Agricultural Cooperation of Naoussa (Producers Organization) cultivates and produces Rodakino Naoussas PDO


SONIMPEX TOPOLOVENI is a company with 100% Romanian private capital producing magiun, jams and canned vegetables and has a story based on the quality of products and respect for nature and local tradition.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about us?


Most certainly, it is the Protected Geographical Indication we obtained in 2011 for our Topoloveni plum magiun PGI.

No surprise there, as this was the very first Romanian product to have been awarded a Protected Geographical Indication. And the only one for six years.


Our household has expanded year after year so that today, a wide variety of products leave the Topoloveni factory to reach all our consumers: fruit spreads, an array of preserves, tasty vegetable spreads and other delicacies.

All of them are prepared using the special recipe which turned Topoloveni Magiun de prune PGI into a national brand: QUALITY seasoned with plenty of QUALITY and skillfully garnished with QUALITY.

What else you should know about Topoloveni?


Throughout time, Topoloveni came to mean more than it used to in the early days of our company. From the plain name of a locality, it gradually metamorphosed into a name that is first associated with our company’s products.

Our company, Sonimpex Topoloveni, acquired the old magiun factory operating in the locality in 2001.

We successfully transformed the Topoloveni plum magiun PGI into a popular brand and we take all the credit for it. However, the history of Topoloveni plum magiun PGI began in 1914, when the factory was built and put into operation in this locality; it survived the two World Wars and the communism. And this is entirely the merit of Topoloveni plum magiun PGI, with its perfectly balanced taste and nutritional qualities.

Our family tree started to be officially drawn in 1914. However, we believe that its roots are far more deeply grounded in the traditional Romanian cuisine, where simplicity and health have always been together on the table.


Out of respect for the Romanian gastronomic tradition, we decided to market food products using only natural ingredients, with no preservatives, Es or food additives.

Our desire to foster the tradition based on healthy food is what drives us to innovate. We produce preserves with no added sugar, and our company also holds an International Patent for this process. We have replaced sugar syrup with natural apple juice and thus swapped the risks associated to a high sugar consumption with the pure joy of savoring healthy fruit preserves.

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