Rodakino Naoussas PDO

Rodakino Naoussas PDO is the area’s main product. What sets them apart is their rich aroma, their very distinctive taste and their freshness since they are packaged directly after being picked from the tree.

These quality characteristics are recognized and sought after by consumers both in Greece and in the large international markets of all over Europe, the Arabian Peninsula etc., where they hold a leading position. Red color, juicy, delicious and fresh, normal to large size, with unsurpassed aroma!

Rodakino Naoussas peach is produced exclusively in the eastern part of Mount Vermio. The special climatic conditions of the area, the abundant waters of the springs and the fertile soils create the appropriate environment for the production of a product that is superior to the others of its kind.

Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI

Topoloveni plum magiun PGI is composed by ONLY ONE INGREDIENT! Only fresh plums, harvested on plain ripeness. It can be consumed as breakfast, desert or as filling in the pastry products. This product is all natural, sugar free, preservatives free, additives free.

100% fruits and vegetables and 0% chemicals.
Sounds great, and that’s not all.
The fruits and vegetables we use are handled with care in our factory, and we avoid boiling at high temperatures. We use double-wall bain-marie vessels heated by steam at a controlled low temperature.

This helps preserve most of the natural vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables. Although it is not easy, we are committed to go all the way.

Our youngest friends are barely 6 months old and have just started eating solid food. Their parents deservedly rely on us when they choose products for the little ones such as our Topoloveni plum magiun PGI, as they are all natural and very nutritious.

We also have many senior friends, some suffering from health problems. If your doctor recommends it, our Topoloveni plum magiun PGI can also be consumed by diabetics.

All of our other products may also be consumed by persons with various conditions which require limited sugar or salt intake and an overall healthy diet.

With Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI you can create plenty of delicious dishes like:

A great way to use Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI! Using some very basic ingredients that everybody has in their home, you can make delicious muffins. A very tasty and healthy snack for every hour of the day

Crumble with apples and Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI:
A very tasty, quick and full of nutrients snack is crumble with apples.
All you need is Topoloveni plum magiun PGI, apples, some butter, cinnamon, and you will have a fantastic dish.

Tart with Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI and walnuts:
Use Topoloveni plum magiun PGI to make a delicious tart with walnuts. It is the best way to offer a healthy, nutrient and very tasty delicacy to your family and friends!

Vegan candies with sweet heart from Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI:
Topoloveni plum magiun PGI is the best way to create vegan dishes. It is a completely natural product with no animal ingredient and you can make fantastic dishes using it.

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